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Our Beginning

The following is in the founder of 5Faces, Helen Day’s, Physiotherapist, own words.

“5Faces started 20 years ago when I had two very significant things happen to me:

I turned 50 years of age. I had the body of an athlete but my face was aging . Though I knew it was wrong, I was talked into taking injections and fillers. I was told it empowers women, which could not be further from the truth. These “quick fixes” disempower women and empowers big businesses. After my first appointment, I returned to the clinic and informed them that I would not be receiving any further treatments. The nurse informed me that most people can’t stop once they start.

In 2001 I almost died in a hospital accident that left me with severe nerve pain in my legs. As I was developing techniques to eliminate this pain in the body, I noticed the area appeared more youthful and vital. I began to wonder if these techniques could be applied to the face and that is when 5Faces was born.”

Our Journey

“So with much research and knowledge of anatomy, I created techniques that you can learn to do on your own; learning how you can look after your facial joints, bones, muscles, nerves, blood vessels etc… Finally, you are in the driver’s seat.

I was excited to start something new and help others regain and maintain their youthful appearances, however, injections and fillers had already begun to take hold in the market. Most great things take time and I knew in this scenario, I had to bide my time. I watched this phenomena wash over the world with both men and woman being fed the line that it would prevent wrinkles.

In reality, these unnatural processes actual accelerate the natural process of muscle atrophy and wrinkle formation in the face. When muscles become paralyzed, surrounding muscles must work harder to support the face, speeding up the wrinkle formation in those areas. Soon enough, these patients will be visiting their practitioner again asking for injections in the newly wrinkled areas- a never-ending process that leaves the face looking less than desirable.”

5 Faces Face Care Services & Facial Treatments | 5Faces model Purple
5 Faces Face Care Services & Facial Treatments | 5Faces model

Trust is Paramount

“Dermatologists and plastic surgeons are now reporting that those patients that have used Botox for decades are now experiencing extreme muscle atrophy to the point that Botox is no longer an effective method. These practitioners are now replacing Botox with an ever increasing amount of fillers in an attempt to provide a normal appearance.

If this was not disturbing enough, the cosmetic industry has noticed a 41% increase in Botox injections in users between the ages of 18 to 30-year-olds. These figures were collected from a study that ran between the years of 2011 and 2015- we suspect if the past three years were taken into consideration, this percentage increase would be even higher.

It became clear that the path the general public was traveling down was no longer sustainable. 5Faces decided that we must save the face from complete disfiguration and help people to discover what it means to have a youthful, radiating face, coming from the perspective of practicing facial health.”

5Faces Today

  • Empowerment of men and women around the world! In the same way a healthy body gives us the power to look after our loved ones and contribute to the world, a healthy face is our business card to the world. It speaks to those around you and can shout “Yes, I’m alive, vibrant and ready to help my family, friends and the earth!”
  • The five steps of 5Faces have been developed based on science, research and knowledge of anatomy. They are made to care for the health of your face, empowering you to accomplish the looks you want at any age.
  • For those that have aged, the therapy may restore vitality and a natural appearance to your face once again. Similar to the health of your body, the health of your face may  return with the help of the 5 steps.
  • 5Faces can be a legacy that parents will be able to pass onto their children and one day it will be an integral part of healthy living, just like going to the gym or eating a diet full of healthy foods.
5 Faces Face Care Services & Facial Treatments | 5Faces model
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