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Helen Day is a physiotherapist who does acupuncture, with over 35 years experience treating injuries and chronic pain.


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The 5Faces Program


Supporting healthy, youthful faces through cosmetic acupuncture, therapy, education and exercises.

5Faces proprietary, holistic, protocol is based on the founder’s background in physiotherapy and acupuncture.

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What makes 5Faces different?

5Faces is a brand new, unique face care program. We are helping our clients reclaim their health and their true beauty, one step at a time.  After all, a healthy face is a youthful face!

Face Care

Toxin Free




When you focus and care for all the elements of your face, the result is naturally radiant, glowing skin and a youthful face shape.

Most people turn to creams, makeup and muscle paralyzing injections to mask aging and wrinkles. Most of these are full of toxins and are rarely cruelty-free. In contrast, the 5 steps of 5Faces are always pure and clean at their core.

At 5Faces, our goal is to educate our clients on how to care for the health and shape of their face on their own. Once the fundamentals are taught, you have the power to heal yourself for life.

Hands-on therapy is the precursor to repairing any damage to the face. The 5 steps involved in our process are all you need to heal your face and as an added bonus, they feel absolutely heavenly.

We are creating a community of like-minded individuals who are saying no to big-business. A community who says, “We care and we are aware.” We believe that we all have the right to control what happens to our bodies, just as much as we have the right to control what happens to our faces.

the 5Faces difference
18 Oct
For years, people have understood that regular exercise regimens and healthy eating routines are the keys to maintaining a...
21 Sep
5Faces is a revolutionary face care program designed to help clients reclaim their health and their true beauty, one...
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